At Hygiene Tech we remain faithful to by our triple "H" concept: Hygiene solutions - High quality products - Honored services

Service and maintenance:

Hygiene Tech has a team of well trained technicians to install the dispensers and to service them on monthly bases. Our objective is to free our client's mind from the refilling and the servicing of the dispensers installed and keeping him satisfied. Accordingly, our team renders a monthly visit as per the specified day and goes through the refilling and the thorough checking of the installed dispensers to insure that the system is flawless and the client is satisfied. Our after sale service is a major part of our success and is a priority.

Our products are under a replacement warranty when it comes to manufacturing defects. However, when Hygiene Tech is responsible of the servicing contract, our team of technicians makes sure that the refilling and updating of the dispensers is done as required and a full report of dispensers' condition will be reported for any inquiry. In the case of the ladies sanitary bins, our service and maintenance once a week insures the Fast kill of all tested pathogens and viruses including Hepatitis B and H.I.V. This procedure insures the total satisfaction of the client and secures his investment against misuse.

Hygiene Tech line of industrial cleaning equipments comes with a full back up with reference to training, technical support and spare parts. Our technicians underwent complete sessions of training regarding the usage, maintenance, and repair of every machine listed in our products. A full training will be run at the purchase of any of the machineries and our team is ready to answer your inquiries or check your machines whenever you are in need of. All serviced machines will have a record sheet to track the service date and any follow up or needed info regarding their history since the day of purchase.